Hungry Heart

Bruce Springsteen

Everybody’s got a hungry heart

This song came out in 1980, but the video here is at a concert in Berlin in 1995. I like this song because it has something to say and I sometimes use it in my live sets (it’s also easy to play and in my vocal range!).

Hungry Heart is one of Bruce Springsteen’s concert staples, and you can find several live versions online. As his career progresses, you can see him playing in increasingly large venues and the song becomes a sing-along crowdpleaser where everyone knows the words.

I think it is interesting to contrast the happiness of Bruce on stage, and the enjoyment of the audience with the fairly grim confession and insight in the lyrics.

Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack

Took a ride and I never went back …

For me, the song seems to connect with this gospel incident: Matthew 9:35-36.