Join us

You’re very welcome to write posts for that would fit with the general tone of the site. There is no membership scheme or money involved.

As well as a link to a video music source such as a song on YouTube, each post should have a description of 200 words +/- 50 typically including:

  • Why you like it and why you chose it and the emotional effect on you
  • Something about the music skill, musical style, lyrics or circumstances of the artist
  • Reference to the social context in which the song was created (time or place, political or personal)
  • How you make a connection with the Christian faith
  • Question(s) to ponder
  • A related Bible passage

For your first couple of posts you can just send the YouTube link and your words to If you want to be a ‘regular’ and are more confident in or willing to learn the WordPress system, I will create a sub-account for you and you can log in and create draft posts directly which I will publish after a quick check.

For more details, there is an 8-page editorial and style guide here.

Andy Meek