Big Yellow Taxi

Joni Mitchell

They paved paradise, put up a parking lot

Well here’s a bonus for you. The best live recording I could find of Joni Mitchell singing Big Yellow Taxi includes her performing ‘Both Sides Now‘ which is also great song and a moving reflection on life.

I promised my sister that I would post this next, as I already had it queued up in the light of recent climate change protests and the growing realisation of the seriousness of the ecological disaster we are facing.

The Bible doesn’t really speak directly much about ecological issues. At that time in history people were more concerned with staying alive in the face of conflict and persecution, starvation, childbirth and disease. Some Christians now point to Bible promises about a cosmic ‘end of times’ with a new heavens and a new earth as evidence that God will make it all good in the end and we don’t need to care for the environment. In my view that is (being charitable) a naive or (at worst) a mischievous reading of the scriptures. As usual, people write whole books about this so read for yourself one of the key Bible passages – the story of creation in Genesis chapter 1.

God looked at what he had done. All of it was very good! 

Author: Andy Meek

Guitarist and singer-songwriter trying to make more love in the world using rock 'n' roll.