Yaar-e Bamyani

Aryana Sayeed

Well every day is a school day here at Hotlips House so it’s time to introduce Afghanistan’s number one female singer, Aryana Sayeed. If you like Led Zeppelin (think Kashmir) you’ll love the beats in this.

The video is an encapsulation of the spirit of modernity and independent womanhood (remember Malala Yousafzai). It opens in a classic southern USA style with the sound of banjo (possibly) and handclaps and Aryana wearing boots, blue jeans and shades jumping out of the back of a pickup truck. It’s also a travelogue for what is clearly a beautiful and historic country. Very interestingly, there is a sequence starting at about 1:05 where she is singing at the site of the Buddhas of Bamyan which were dynamited by the Taliban in 2001 – I think she is making a statement.

She’s singing in Persian, and I had to do some digging to find the lyrics: Mr Google’s automatic translation didn’t seem to capture the full nuance. You can read them here but it’s basically a love song by someone who adores her loved one, but is missing him and doesn’t know when he will return.

Cut to the sauciest book in the Bible, the Song of Songs which is a poetic drama sung between two lovers who frankly can’t get enough of each other. It’s quite short – just over five pages in my printed copy and worth a read from one end to the other. It’s got love and longing, kissing and fruity innuendo. Enjoy!

“Hurry to me, my darling! Run faster than a deer to the mountain of spices.”

Author: Andy Meek

Guitarist and singer-songwriter trying to make more love in the world using rock 'n' roll.